Here are some sailing pictures and videos from some of the races I have been in....

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Trip to Fiji 08/02/2015 (Pictures Only for now)

Our trip to Catalina Island 2014

Ken Fecteau and friends on the Sailboat "Fire Escape" (05/27/2014)  1969 Visits before this link.

330 Visits before the Launch of the Newport to Ensenada Race Page.

1695 Visits before the Launch of the Sail Barra De Navidad Page.

My Sail Barra De Navidad Expedition 2014 Web Page

Pictures of Kevin Reilly's Columbia 50

My Experimental Coronado Yacht Club Link

Pictures of the Bow Pulpit on our 1973 Columbia 50

Hot Rum 2011:

Hot Rum I:      11/05/2011 (Finished Last in Class, 54 Overall)
Hot Rum II:    11/26/2011
Hot Rum III:  12/03/2011 

San Diego to Ensenada 2011     Here is the link to the Spot Tracking Map (Second to Finish, Corrected to Third)
Pictures of Jonathan Moyers

Sailing the Karen Ann (Our 1973 Columbia 50)

A Look at the Hey Jude 1983 Catalina 30

Sharps Hospice Regatta 2011 " 3rd Place"

Newport to Ensenada 2011 (First in Class PHRF B to Finish, First in Class PHRF B on Corrected Time) 

Border Run 2011 on "Mi Sueno" Columbia ( First in Class to Finish) Video 1 on Youtube

Cabrillo Race Series 2011   (4th Place Overall)

Cabrillo Race I 2011     (January 8 2011, 13th Place)

Cabrillo Race II 2011   (January 29 2011, 2nd Place)

Cabrillo Race III 2011 (March 5 2011,  4th Place)

Cabrillo Race IV 2011  (March 26 2011,  4th Place)

Hot Rum Series 2010

San Diego to Ensenada 2010

Border Run 2010

Cabrillo IV,

My Youtube Page

Cabrillo IV Course Information

Cabrillo III Proposed Courses

Cabrillo II Proposed Course

Kelly Los Coronados 08 08 2009  " We Came in Second to Finish"

San Diego to Ensenada 2008, (October 3 2008), we corrected out to last in our class.
If we only had 20 more minutes of wind.

My Friend Bill Duffy coming back from Hawaii (August 2008)

Coronado Yacht Club with my friend Dick Chilcott (9/21/2008)

Newport to San Diego 2008, Saturday, July 26, 2008, SV Airwaves, 5th place out of 24 boats.

Newport to Ensenada 2008, Locura, We had a great race

Around_the_Coronados_April_2008, First to Finish, 6 of 9 in class, after PHRF

Hot Rum Series 2007, SV Airwaves,

San Diego to Ensenada 2007,  SV Raven, First Place, Short Videos ,Race Results Here

Schooner_Cup_2007 , SV Raven

Newport to Ensenada 2007, SV Locura

Mid Winters race,  February 2006,  SV Blue Blazes, First Place

Hot Rum Series 2006, SV Airwaves, Sixth Place

San Diego to Ensenada 2006,  SV Raven, Third Place

San_Diego to Ensenada_2005, SV Raven, Second Place

San_Diego_to_Ensenada_2002_?, SV Windid,  Last to Finish

Sailing Links:

Check out these Sailing videos on
" Everybody"
"This is Yacht Racing"
"Fast Sailing in 30 kts +"

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