Cabrillo IV Rough Cut 1
Hello Everyone,

Here is a rough pass at the video DVD I am making for everyone that wants one.  It is in a lower quality so it won't take forever to load, (it will take long enough as it is).

I would appreciate any comments you may have, I have a few more things to add and I know that some of the transitions
are a little off.  The music is a problem as I can only use music that isn't copyrighted, I am looking for some that are legal.

Do any of you have a Sony Playstation 3?  If so this file is in native format for it.  Do you all have "Modern" Televisions?
I am going to try to burn a better DVD than the normal version.

Cabrillo IV Rough Cut 1:  This is on my site and will take a while to load, just turn up the volume and come back to the
                                          computer when you hear the audio.

I am sure you check these out already, I have updated them, and will add more.

Facebook Video:       This is video 3 it is to big for Youtube, you have to have a Facebook acount, sooner or later
                                  everyone joins Facebook :-).

Cabrillo IV Video:     This is video 3 it is to big for Youtube, this is the same video that is on Facebook, for you holdouts.

Youtube Videos:       Someone has been watching them 114 views in 2 Days. I am updating these videos as I complete


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