Ken Fecteau's

                                  Hunter 33

"Fire Escape"

       Here are some pictures of our friend Ken Fecteau sailing his boat Fire Escape on San Diego Bay during Memorial Day Weekend (05/28/2014).  His crew is made up of some of our other friends, Anne Wehe, Lisa Goehring, John Goehring, and Cathie Anderson.

What a great Day, a great boat, and a great crew.

A short video I took of Fire Escape from our Dinghy.

Here are the pictures we took,  I had to resize them for this screen, you should be able to "Right" mouse button on the image , and save the full size images to your computer.

I hope you enjoy these,

Jack Bollinger 





































Jack and Karen Bollinger 


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Jack Bollinger

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