The Karen Ann

The Karen Ann is a 1973 Columbia 50, my wife Karen and I purchased her early in 2011, previously she was named Condor.
I am starting this web page as a journal of our experiences maintaining and sailing her.

00.   Me racing on my friends Columbia 50 last weekend from Newport to San Diego, this is the same model boat as we have,
        We won first place in our class.

01.    Viewing the boat

02.    The Sea Trial @ 30 FPS, (The Sea Trial @ 60 FPS, This one is better quality but it will take longer to load)

03.    The Official Survey

04.    Delivering "CONDOR" to her new slip in Chula Vista at the California Yacht Marina

05.    The Name Change

06.    The Bilge Pump replacement (03/13/2011)

07.    Repair Fuel Gauge (Future Item)

08.    Interior Replacement (Started the day Karen first Saw the boat)

09.    Leak(s) Repair Project (Future Item)

10.    Repair soft spots on deck (Future Item) 

11.    A Quick Tour of the Karen Ann (03/18/2011)

Page Started:  03/15/2011
Last Updated: 03/19/2011

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